How I Start My Skincare Day

It took me a while to find my skincare routine. Certainly, I went to many stores and even dermatologists to try to find the exact right products. It’s good to know what is wrong with your skin too before you fix anything. If you have any underlying conditions such as acne, it will be impossible to treat your skin well without also addressing that you have a skin disease.

I think this is where I went wrong. I didn’t understand that ignoring acne can only leave scars. Once I had gotten my routine under wraps with a dermatologist’s help, I was able to focus on other skin concerns. My doctor didn’t give me a full bill of health before I started taking care of my skin. However, I got to a point where I felt the acne was a lot better after a course of Accutane. Then I started in on just daily care before the wrinkles set in.

I use a very simple step care routine. I wash with Aveeno Foaming Cleanser and then I get my Avene Tolerance Cream out and slather it on. If I’m feeling tired, I just use micellar water to clean my face instead. Both are good ways to cleanse.

One thing that I want to tell people is that sunscreen is a secret key to success. It helps to get rid of wrinkles by preventing them from forming. It can also protect against skin cancer. For me, I always leave my house with my sunscreen. I like to use one that is 60 plus because I know I will get the best protection.

For me, a skincare routine is self-care. It’s a way to let myself know that I will invest in myself. I enjoy skincare and I make it a priority.