Skin Care Routine

Different skin types have unique necessities when it comes to skin care. Today, there are a lot of skin care products that provide different information and guidelines on how to rake care of your skin. moreover, different companies have made vast products with each promising dissimilar capability.

Luckily, skin care and protection are not dependent on skin care products only but also home remedies that could be easily applied. Here, we highlight different skin care routines and some of the best skin care products you could use for a better and glowing skin.

Skin Care products
In this modern era, there are skin products that enable you glow and seem well rested even if you are not. These skin care products help hydrate and moisturize your skin too. (hudpleie) If you have searched for skin care products, you have probably gotten recommendation from friends and websites that sell these products. Here are some of the best and proven products for proper skin care.

Active Infusion oil
This type of oil is rich in vitamin C which helps the skin to grow better. It also fuels the skin thus has a moisturizing effect on it. Active infusion oil also has Vitamin A Retinoid oil which helps repair skin and brighten its color. (ansiktsmaske) It possesses an antioxidant which helps keep the skin healthy. Other functions of this oil include cell turnover and smoothing of the skin which helps maintain the texture.

Mela-even ointment
This type of ointment helps with anti-aging. You could easily regain your young skin by applying this cream. With presence of vitamin C, it provides skin health and glow. It also helps balance uneven skin tones and is essential for a radiant glow.

Serum oil
Serum oil is designed to help the skin glow, hydrate and protect against adverse effects like UV light. It has active ingredients that penetrate through the skin to enable proper moisturizing. Serum is also capable of soothing sensitive skin and also helps reduce wrinkles due to the ferulic acid property.

Serum is categorized and produced in different forms like:
• Hydrating serum
• Antiaging serum
• Acne serum
• Serum for improving skin texture
• Moisturizer serum

Home remedies for Skin Care
On the other hand, there are cheaper and effective ways you can use to take care of your skin at home. Some of these remedies include:

Cleansing is one of the best ways to keep skin better and healthy. Cleansing helps remove dirt, dead skin and opens skin pores. Cleansing should be done twice a day and not exceeded because it could lead to drying of the skin. this could be during mornings and evenings. (

Moisturizing of your skin using a moisturizer could easily help hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized. Skin moisturizing is most essential when exposed to direct sunlight. This will help the skin lose less water and maintain proper state.

Scrubbing your skin, especially your face could help with removal of dead skin. scrubs should be mild and gentle in order to open clogged pores and maintain healthy skin with good texture.